Who we are and what we do.

What we do - we have set out to raise awareness within both the public and medical profession of the consequences of undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and under-treated  vitamin B12 deficiency.

In order to do so we aim to raise sufficient funds to allow us to provide accredited training for medical professionals, and awareness sessions for public groups.

Who we are - we are four ordinary people, three of whom have vitamin B12 deficiency, therefore we have a good understanding of how the deficiency impacts on life.  Each of us have also seen the benefits of regular B12 replacement therapy, and feel compelled to share our experience with other patients, their families and the medical professionals of the many disciplines the condition involves.

We are:

Heather Hardie - President

Jackie Liehne - Chairman

Siobhan Liehne - Treasurer

Cindy Stirrat - Secretary

Bringing awareness and providing education of

vitamin B12 deficiencies






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The B12 Society is a Scottish Registered Charity, no. SC046066.

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Bringing awareness and providing education of

vitamin B12 deficiencies